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Community Manager Celestial Bearbarian Basher
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Member Since : 2009-10-19
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Personal description
Hi! I'm Izmar, your English Content and Community Manager!

I'm here to listen to your ideas and comments for the game and pass them on to the developers, while simultaneously giving information about DOFUS and Ankama's other projects back to you!

You could say that my main objective is to balance the needs and wants of the players with the goals and resources available at Ankama and try to find solutions that will suit both parties!

If you'd like to speak to me, you're welcome to use my Ankabox to send me a message about any issues that concern the entire community. However, before you press send, you should be aware that:

  • I cannot respond to tickets or tell support to answer a ticket.
  • I cannot restore deleted accounts or characters.
  • I cannot give you back stolen accounts or items. For all problems of this type, please contact support right away.
  • I cannot refund purchases of subscription or Ogrines. If you encounter a problem while purchasing Ogrines, please contact support immediately.
  • I cannot change a character's name so it can be used by someone else or look up names of characters for you. If the game says you can't use a particular name, that's just the sad reality we live in. =(
  • If you need help with your character's equipment or build, please visit the Classes forums for lots of friendly assistance from your fellow players. =)
  • Botters, insults, harassment and other in-game problems are handled by our moderation team. If you PM me about a bot, I will refer you back to our mods. It'll save you a lot of time to make your request on the IRC, or on our Contact a Moderator thread or send a message to a member of our moderation team.
  • I cannot overturn your in-game ban. If you feel you have been unfairly banned by a moderator, you must contact support. Please be aware that some bans result from payment chargebacks, and are not the result of moderator intervention.
  • I do not accept unsolicited applications for the moderation team. If you would like to become a moderator, you can either wait for open mod recruitment, or start to build a reputation as a helpful, knowledgeable, caring, and valued member of our community - those are the kinds of players I'm looking for as mods! I recommend visiting our English Mod Applications profile for information about mod applications.

Messages sent to my Ankabox that involve the issues listed above may not receive a reply.

If you're in to Twitter, you can follow me here: @Izmarvelous. Facebook fans can like our page for DOFUS updates.

Thanks for visiting my profile, I hope to meet you soon!

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oh also I was getting same error when I try to play beta I think its about new launcher :'(
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