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NOTE: Not my pictures. Used Google with "little medusa souleater" then looked in images.

Tried making a Dofus character of Medusa...

/ /
from Soul Eater when she is a little kid in the anime. Just watched an episode where she's more involved for a longer time, which promoted her to be one of my favorite characters, though minus a few points for poor Crona...

I has failed with the char.

Though I has Mini-Medusa now so...

Yew shalln't be seeing her...! For I has no idea when I'm going to start leveling up her with quests, monsters, and etc.
And I may or may not be satisfied depending on what my opinion is at a better glance so I might end up remaking her.
If I do she'll either be a Xelor or Osa because of the hood and the fact that earlier she had a tail or what ever on her suit -which is amaze-, also the fact that she:
- has eyes on her hat
- has those snakes - which I could try substituting with the needle summon thingy with the Xelor
-she's short(...? Just thought of this and they aren't exactly the tallest classes..)
-and maybe a few other things.

But like I said she's from Soul Eater and so yeeeaah...!

;u: She's glorious.
Besides the thing with Crona... ;-;
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