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Subscriber Thrower of Barbrossa
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Member Since : 2012-11-15
264 Posts (0.16 per day)
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Personal description
I play on Aermyne.
I love forums, is a way for the community to help, discuss, and argue about different topics.
Is a place for the community to stop fighting and help each other.
And If I need help, I know my fellow brotherins/sisterins will help me.
I will also try to answer anything I know about
I know it says I was a mem since November 15,2012
But in reality I created an account 3 years ago, 2009
So I know a lot of stuff.

My Osa is currently lvl 93
And my Sacrier lvl 196

Also, Xelors are utterly useless, don't make one.
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