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leveling tailor
Subscriber Royal Tofu Plucker
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posté October 03, 2007, 06:04:24 | #51
now that the new recipies are out i have little to say on leveling this profession to 65. lol. beyond that (lvl 69 now) i'm making what seems to be:


  • way too many gobbling capes (hard to sell these right now, even maged),
  • hooded capes (takes a long time to buy the ressources),
  • those crit/dammage/initiative capes (a good source of income, maged to 10 crits of course),
  • treecapas (again, like gobbling capes these are getting to common)
  • ouginak capes (hard to mage and not that profitable)
  • golden scara helmet and cape (they don't sell that often so don't make to many)

might also try gelocape...

again, I stress that I don't drop the items, I buy them. why? because I can make more money directly off tailor than I get from the value of the drops in the same amount of time (so the obvious logical conclusion is to buy mats).