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Former Subscriber Tofu Stroker
* Member Since 2012-06-12
posté November 16, 2012, 23:42:16 | #1
Fishing I was wondering is fisherman/fishmonger a good prof. to do? or should i do farmer/baker?

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Premier Puzzler Dragon Pig Pillager
* * * Member Since 2008-04-13
posté November 17, 2012, 05:05:44 | #2
Fisherman/monger will take you a lot longer to level than farmer/baker and is highly dependent on how lucky you are in getting resource protectors and rares. I would say that fisherman is probably the most difficult profession to level.

In my opinion the only profit to be made from fisherman is if you drop rares . Frankly though, the price of rares have gone down a lot. Farmer/baker items may not sell for a very high price but they're definitely easier and more reliable than hoping you drop a rare. I would recommend farmer/baker simply because it's easier/

Hope this helped :]