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Need Some Advices For Making Money With Specific Profs
Subscriber Piglet Milker
* Member Since 2010-06-04
posté November 13, 2012, 22:10:21 | #1
Need Some Advices For Making Money With Specific Profs Hello there! I have a Level 100 Jewelmagus and 65 Farmer. I'm also leveling my miner.(45 atm).Any advices for making runes and sell them with these professions? I also have a mate which sells 60- woods for 1/3 of market price.Any advices with making runes and sell them? Thanks!

Spirit (Solar)
Member of the Zenith Mopy King Cleaner
* * * * Member Since 2009-03-22
posté November 14, 2012, 01:55:37 | #2
You could gather and craft Ring of Satisfactions which are used to craft Satisfied Summoner's Ring, which you could try crush for AP runes... Only one I can think of, really.

- Spirit