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This is my main account. Intelligence Eniripsa in Rushu. Im easy to be friends with so you can add me and come to talk to me.
My Dofus story is pretty sad. I had 3 accounts in Aermine and my best and my main account was Sacrier level 143. It doesnt seem to be high level for you guys but i think its great achievement for me. So, i decided to have a break from dofus because of my last school year little bit before christmas 2011. I decided to play Dofus again after almost a year brake. I was happy when i was typing my account name and password to Dofus. I tried it 3 or 4 times but it just didnt work. I had this password on my paper sheet and other information. I was scared that the worst happened to me! And it did, i got hacked... Now i was one of those players who got hacked in Dofus. Now i just need to deal with it and i made new account to other server. It's nice to have new start and now i feel just like the first day i started Happy. By the way if you are interested to see my last account, the name was Glood 143lvl sacrier.

I decided to start Baker/Farmer professions to make little bit money to get started. Its kind of hard to get back on feet after being hacked but i enjoy playing dofus so it doesnt actually matter Im going to be high level int Eni. I have alots of high level friends in Rosal so they help me if i need help! So if you are interested, just add me as your friend and we can level these professions together xD!
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