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Hello fellow Dofusians!

My name is Brendan, but you can just call me Big B considering I am actually 6'6! If you're asking that stereotypical question of whether or not I play a sport due to my height, you are correct! I have played many sports as a kid but basketball took my best interest. Ever since the age of around 6, I have played basketball and consider myself to be pretty talented at it. Right now I am going into my senior year of basketball as the team captain hoping to win what you would call the "championship". Other hobbies of mine other than gaming of course would be biking, running, and hanging out with my friends! Enough of my boring life, let's move onto my Dofus career!

I consider myself to be a long-term player due to me playing this game for about 3 years now. Originally, my first character made was an ecaflip, but I soon became bored with him. Thus, creating the long journey of my feca! His name was originally copied from my first Dofus friend and still is "TailsHornsHalo", and my name was "Tailsheadragon". If you have been around a while you would know of one of the most popular back in the day guilds named Token. Years go on by as being second-in-command in one of the most populated guilds. He currently is still running the guild!

I began changing my name and colors constantly but ended up thinking of my cool name I have today which is "Outlaw", and just recently have started seriously working on my Feca. He is very close to achieving his max level and hopefully will get it in the next few months.

I have played on pretty much every character there is, but I always keep coming back to my Feca, probably because i'm too lazy to level another character to the point i'm at now.

If you want to contact me don't hesitate to pm me in game, maybe we can run a dungeon or two and have a nice chat!

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