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Almanax 11 Flovor
The Flovor Bawl
The Flovor Bawl both ushers in the month of Flovor and commemorates the coming of the goddess ...

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Rules for this Forum

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posté June 23, 2006, 02:38:10 | #1
Rules for this Forum
  • This forum is for announcements and discussion of player-run events only. Please do not discuss official events here.

  • If you would like to request teams for specific dates and times, you may do so here. Please add a tag TEAM or T to your topic, such as "TEAM: Gobball Dungeon Tonight, 04:00 DUT" or "T> Treechnid Forest Tomorrow, 13:00 EST"

  • If you would like to offer a standing invitation/request for training, you may do so here. Please add a tag TRAIN or TR to your topic such as "TRAIN> Eni, level 23 looking for group" or "TR> Level 60 Iop looking for Enu for drops" Please limit these threads to in-game meetings only.

  • Please make your topic titles specific. Threads with vauge titles may be locked or deleted without warning. A few examples of threads titles that are not allowed:

  1. HEEEEEELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ned frnds plx
  3. ~~~@Cool PPL Look Here@~~~
  • No abusive bumping or double posting. "Abusive" bumping in this case is more than once a day.
  • This forum is not to be used for marriage/husband/wife requests, friend requests, guild recruitment, etc.

Volunteer Moderator Pandora Opener
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posté September 21, 2006, 19:50:25 | #2
You need to include the server name in your TOPIC (title)
if your thread is server specific.

Eg. Rushu - Rosal - Solar

Or else it will be deleted/locked.


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