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Hey community + question
F2P Member Larva
* Member Since 2017-04-13
posté April 15, 2017, 15:50:53 | #1
Hey community + question Hello guys. I am 27 sram lvl with only 3 lvl proffesions. I have enough ogrines for 2 weeks membership. The question is should I save up my ogrines until i level up more or just use them now for subscription. Also, maybe I should spend half ogrines to get some kamas? Curently I have 10kk and full Adventurer set. Im very confused what to do next. Furthermore, there are a lot of quests, but I dont think its worth completing them, cause the rewards are really low, only xp is beneficial and quests are quite long. For instance exploring ankama castle that requires a lot of travelling...

P.S how to get rid of Beer deliveryman? He is annoying, always following me..