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Str or Cha - Duo with Int
Subscriber Ouginak Torturer
* Member Since 2008-06-20
posté April 20, 2017, 15:09:15 | #1
Str or Cha - Duo with Int So, I like the utility of the various fire spells, but it's darn clear that you can't actually go mono-fire unless you're a dedicated support build. Just not enough damage output. So I had to go duo with something else, either Strength or Chance.

At first I sided with Strength. But then I realized that Manifold Bramble isn't as awesome as I thought it was, since it hits allies (including your numerous trees and dolls) in addition to enemies, and must be cast at near maximum range just to not catch yourself in it's AoE. I'm also starting to see the reason I'd prefer having Tear to strike past my dolls and trees (without harming them by using AoE attacks). Still, while Manifold Bramble has drawbacks, it is still a massive AoE damage spell on the cheap. And Aggressive Bramble can hit fairly hard (if you can line it up) at a respectable range.

So, not quite so sure, any more. Water can ignore LoS and it's powerful attack may be mid-range, but it's not Straight Line Only. Earth has high damage, a massive AoE attack, and it's long range attack (compared to Brush Fire) is only 3 AP, making it easier to use support spells around. I'm going to have a friend help me kill the Great Coralator for a free reset to try out Water (and can always use my Doploon reset to go back), but I won't be able to try out Aggressive Bramble this way.

What do people think about this one?

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Lol-earth (Rushu)
Subscriber Gobball Breeder
* Member Since 2011-12-18
posté April 20, 2017, 23:02:55 | #2
tbh with a saidi it all comes down to preference i personally use a power based omni build with around 6 summons and ive been happy with the results i wouldent really reccomend a pure stat saidi but thats just me if you want an easy to gear nice utility build id go cha/int with some decent +summon gear but ive seen all builds work so whatever route you go should be fine in the long term

Subscriber Ouginak Torturer
* Member Since 2008-06-20
posté April 20, 2017, 23:50:35 | #3
Yah, I'll get a Otomai reset, and try things from the other side. Sure, I won't be testing Aggressive Bramble, but I can keep an eye out for every time I cast Tear with a clear line of sight. If that happens often enough, and I don't find myself regularly eating my own Trees with Dolly Sacrifice, then I could always switch back with my Doploon reset.

Seems to be, however, that Str/Int is the least common build, with Omni and Int/Cha being the most popular. I'm not entirely sure I get Omni. Are the extra spells really worth spreading yourself 3 elements thin? Especially since you're already going to be sparing stats for Summons? It just looks like a bad trade to me.

Side question. What kinda mount do people like for Sadida. Was thinking about it, as I'm closing on level 60, and there are +summons ones. The +1 Range, +1 Summons, +200 Vitality and +500 Initiative one looks rather nice, and is elementally independent, so I could get it regardless of my present conundrum.

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