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Error when buying ogrines, We've detected multiple anomalies with your payment attempt and have d
Subscriber Arachnophobe
* Member Since 2017-05-12
posté May 29, 2017, 11:45:01 | #1
Error when buying ogrines So when I bought ogrines I got the error " We've detected multiple anomalies with your payment attempt and have decided to temporarily block the transaction."

The transaction completed itself after maybe 1 hour but I was given no explanation as to why it was blocked.

I tried it on 2 different accounts in different browsers using the same credit card however and got the same error both times.

This makes me think it is my fault but I have never ever had payment issues with this card before. All information given was 100% correct.

Just wondering why this is occuring? Is it my fault? Am I at risk of future transactions being blocked or declined?

Also another issue I have that isn't solved, why cant I use paypal for ogrines but I can for subscription, the option simply isn't there at all?

Also there is no option to use credit card for the 800, 1100, 36 000, 50 000 ogrine bundles but the other remaining bundles and master pack have the credit card option? This just doesn't even make sense. None of them have paypal.

I've read other forums talking about not being able to use paypal/credit cards on ogrines from 3-4years ago. Good to see that it still doesn't work after all this time.

Assistant Community Manager Celestial Bearbarian Basher
* * * * * * Member Since 2013-10-31
posté May 29, 2017, 12:38:46 | #2
You say you've never had payment issues with this card before, but have you done international payments before? Maybe your bank is wary of your payments to a French company and just wants to make sure nothing's wrong before authorizing the payment, hence the delay.
Additionally, do you have 3D-Secure or an equivalent?

No-one can use paypal to buy Ogrines.

I'm not sure why these particular Ogrine packs are blocked when using credit card. A few years ago, there was a lot of credit card fraud involving Ogrines, so it might be why. I'll check with the Marketing team.

Subscriber Treechnid Hugger
* Member Since 2011-07-09
posté May 30, 2017, 08:36:21 | #3
Thanks for the reply

I bought a few more packs and I got the same "block transaction" thingy, but I also received an email in french from ankama saying the card was declined (translated on google chrome so might be worded badly), and I also received another email (around the same time) in English saying the payment went through and I received my ogrines in-game. The email in french is very out of place as the payment was still sent through and I received my goods, but I get a random french email saying it didn't go through?

I have not used this card for any online payments. I have used PayPal for everything. So I guess that explains the error that comes up when I use my card.

No I don't have 3D secure or an equilvalent, I always avoid using credit cards online as PayPal is all the safety I need. Just annoying that you can't PayPal ogrines....

Additionally the time duration between me processing the payment, and the payment being verified and receiving ogrines in-game was a lot shorter than the first time so that's good. Went from 50-60 minutes to 5-10 minutes.

edit: woops this is a different account than what I originally posted with. I am the same person however

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Assistant Community Manager Celestial Bearbarian Basher
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posté May 30, 2017, 19:26:52 | #4
You're welcome.

Please be more careful in the future, as using several accounts on the forums is against forum rules. Please choose a single account for your posting purposes and stick to it.

Now, I believe the FR email was sent automatically by Ankama when your bank might have put the transaction "on hold" (again, as they were checking that the transaction was legitimate). Then, when the hold was removed and the transaction went through, you received the normal "Thank you for your purchase email".

If you haven't used this card before for online payment and you don't have an additional layer of security, that would explain why your bank would be wary.

The time duration getting shorter is likely due to repeated transactions, as your bank is learning to trust your transactions with Ankama.

However, most of what I'm saying here is conjecture based on what you're telling me and what I know of Ankama and bank procedures (which is not nothing, but as much as, say, your bank). If you want to know for sure what happened, you will have to talk either to your bank or to Support (they have access to more information than I, they'd know for sure what happened exactly -- from Ankama's perspective, of course).

But, as I understand it, these delays are more of a minor inconvenience than an actual issue. Am I correct?

Subscriber Treechnid Hugger
* Member Since 2011-07-09
posté May 31, 2017, 09:36:08 | #5
yeah just a minor inconvenience, I am still receiving everything I paid for. Completely understand why it is happening and it's all good, I don't mind.

Any news on why I cannot use credit card on specific ogrine bundles (800, 1100, 36 000 and 50 000) but I can use credit card on other bundles?

Contacted support and they kinda brushed the question away and didn't answer it directly.

Assistant Community Manager Celestial Bearbarian Basher
* * * * * * Member Since 2013-10-31
posté May 31, 2017, 17:27:39 | #6
In their defense, I don't think Support would know. This is purely Marketing.

I'm waiting to hear back from them myself.