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Welcome to the Incarnam Inn
This is a forum for new adventurers just beginning their DOFUS story.
Please introduce yourself and don't be shy! You can ask our experienced players for advice and information about the game.
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On : 3+ years in Wakfu. Decided to …
By : Gunnerwolfang
General Discussion
Use this forum to discuss General topics about DOFUS.
Please post technical problems in Problems and Solutions. Thanks!
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On : The Inter-Server Kolossium Alp…
By : Gunnerwolfang
Problems and solutions
This section is where players help other players troubleshoot.
Please use to report bugs or seek account help.
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On : Having problems with the Authe…
By : chaoman
Discuss issues and news for your server. Buy and sell items, advertise a guild, connect with other players, or recruit for dungeon runs and hunting parties!
Sub-forums : Rushu , Markets of Rushu , Rosal , Markets of Rosal , Shika , Markets of Shika , Solar , Markets of Solar , Zatoïshwan , Markets of Zatoïshwan , Nomarow / Нигруст , Markets of Nomarow / Магазины Нигруста , Dark Vlad , Markets of Dark Vlad
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On : newbie looking for guild
By : xxReaperxxxxx
Learn tips and tricks, share your knowledge, learn how to play the market.
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On : How Ankama is unknowingly supp…
By : ArcticWarrior
Forums dedicated to the classes of DOFUS. Share advice for equipment, and offer ideas for builds or spells. 
Sub-forums : General Class Discussion , Ecaflip , Sadida , Eniripsa , Osamodas , Iop , Enutrof , Cra , Sram , Feca , Xelor , Sacrier , Pandawa , Masqueraider , Rogue , Foggernaut , Eliotrope
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On : Int Feca help!
By : ArcticWarrior