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Yet Another Can't Subscribe Topic
Subscriber Piglet Milker
* Member Since 2006-04-12
posté March 03, 2017, 06:50:05 | #1
Yet Another Can't Subscribe Topic So, I am a long time player. I've played since 2005. I have had issues subscribing off and on for years with Paypal, credit card, etc. because they get removed/deactivated for whatever reason. I live in the US. The last time I attempted to subscribe to Dofus with my credit card, I was good for a week and then the charge dropped off my account and my p2p was removed. I sent tickets and nothing was done, so I shrugged my shoulders and quit trying to subscribe/quit playing. I got a charge a month later for the same amount and had to talk to my bank, as Ankama Support claimed they hadn't received any money from me. The bank said Ankama set it up as a recurring charge, which they weren't supposed to do. I had to cancel my credit/debit card and file a dispute with VISA, which I won. I do not trust using direct credit card with Ankama anymore, even if I could use it - which I'm not sure I can, because it's been disabled in the past. So I can't use Paypal, because it's deactivated. I can't use credit card because it's crap, and I don't want to be charged multiple times for stuff I didn't get. I have no other choices to pay. So I decided to make a Steam account and try to subscribe that way. Steam has worked for other people I know in the past. I added money to my Steam Wallet to pay for the sub time, and Dofus still won't take my money.

So, tl;dr: CAN'T SUB BECAUSE NO OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO ME THAT ACTUALLY WORK. What the heck, Ankama, what the heck?

Assistant Community Manager Celestial Bearbarian Basher
* * * * * * Member Since 2013-10-31
posté March 03, 2017, 16:30:27 | #2
I've just checked, and paypal can be used to purchase subscription from the USA.

When using Steam to subscribe, you need to get DOFUS from Steam and then subscribe by purchasing one of the subscription packs that are available directly on Steam. You can't use your Steam wallet to pay for subscription on the Ankama website.

F2P Member Larva
* Member Since 2016-07-31
posté March 06, 2017, 23:07:01 | #3
suddenly i can't subscribe anymore also, i usually use a "Vanilla VISA Prepaid Card"(it has been working 100% before) to subscribe my characters, i have some money left in that wallet but the Ankama payment page won't load after i submit my info.

EDIT: new security measure, had to contact visa, will update for more info

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