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Notes for Version 2.16
Community Manager Nileza Separator
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posté October 22, 2013, 10:00:00 | #1
Notes for Version 2.16

Merkator’s Domain:

A new zone is available for characters who are level 190 and up. This area includes:
  • 1 New dungeon and dungeon boss
  • 1 new monster family
  • 10 new Achievements
  • 7 new quests
  • 1 new emote
  • 3 new sets and 2 new independent items
  • New resource collection sites

Alliances and guilds:

  • A devblog article dedicated to the changes brought to the Alliance system is available here: Click here
  • A new reward system has been added: over time, prisms will generate nuggets that will only be obtainable by winning a KotH phase (King of the Hill). The quantity of nuggets generated by a prism will be directly dependent on the area level in which the prism is located.
  • These nuggets will be distributed as additional loot on the monsters of the area, and only the members of the alliance controlling the said area will be able to drop them.
  • These nuggets can be exchanged, at the Alliance Temple, for emotes and exclusive petsmounts.
  • Characters with prism placing rights now have the possibility to put their prisms in a “sabotaged” state. This state is the equivalent to the “weakened” state but does not require an actual prism fight, simply rendering the prism vulnerable at a time predetermined by its the defenders, which would allow for a KotH phase to take place. This possibility allows Alliances to have a simplified access to the nuggets generated by their own prisms, whilst exposing themselves to a KotH phase.
  • The rule for calculating an alliance's score during KOtH has changed. An alliance's score is now reduced by the percentage of prisms that alliance already controls. Example: an alliance has control over 50% of the areas of the game, therefore, in all their KOtH battles (defense or attack), a penalty of 50% is applied to that alliance's score (number of maps they control in KOtH). An alliance controling 90% of the areas of the game will have a penalty of 90%. This modification increases the difficulty of controling the majority of territories and facilitates the capture and defense of areas for alliances that only control a few territories. This modification could be temporary if we can implement other solutions in future updates that have the same effect (better potential distribution territories between alliances) but provide more opportunities and choices for players.
  • The Alliance tag is displayed after a character’s name when the “show player names” option is activated.
  • During a prism attack where there are no free spots left on the defense’s side, it is possible to replace a defender, if the replacing character is of a higher level than that of the character it wished to replace.
  • The invulnerability display of a prism of conquest disappears properly at the end of the second turn.
  • During a KotH phase, the interfaces dedicated to KotH close properly when a character leaves its guild or alliance.
  • In the alliance members interface, the check box to active ones AvA mode has been replaced by a button.
  • In the KotH interface, in the event of a tie, the text displayed works properly in all languages supported by the client.
  • In the alliance interface, in the list of conquest areas (under the Conquest tab), the coordinates are interactive and allow for a mark to be placed on the world map.
  • On the world map, for superimposed areas, the information displayed upon mousing over a prism matches the area associated with the prism.
  • In the Fellow Pages, the guilds are sorted, by default, by descending number of members and alliances are sorted, by default, by descending number of controlled territories.
  • The conquest icons displayed above characters are displayed properly after zooming.
  • Filters of forbidden words for guild names are also applied to alliance names and tags.
  • An informative message is sent when either the PvP or AvA mode is disabled by the activation of the other mode.


  • The kolossoken bonus for daily victories is removed, but the kolossoken reward per victory is multiplied by 3. This change does not impact players that are satisfied with one victory per gaming day, but considerably increases the kolossoken gain for players with several victories in the same day. This modification allows players to organize their time more freely, with no particular incentive to participate in kolossium fights on a daily basis.
  • The 12 maps from the 2013 Goultarminator event are added to the Kolossium. The majority of the existing maps have been balanced (starting positions and some obstacles have been modified).
  • New rewards are available in the Kolossium building, by talking to the NPC Glad Yator, in exchange for kolossokens: 3 new emotes (“boo”, “big wave” and “boxer”), as well as a new petsmount: the ever so colourful Karmeleon.

Breeding and Mounts:

  • Several significant modifications have been brought to the breeding system. A dedicated devblog article can be found here: Click here
  • New breeding items can be crafted using dungeon boss resources.
  • The majority of old breeding items will no longer be craftable but will remain usable. Some can still be crafted but their recipes have been reviewed.
  • It is now possible to exchange used up breeding items against brand new ones. For that, you need to talk to Bobby the Builder in the Koalak Mountain Breeder Village, where he will exchange five breeding items of the same type for a brand new one.
  • A dragoturkey’s energy during a mating session will now have a direct impact on breeders: it increases the probability of getting an additional offspring.
  • A dragoturkey’s energy is now fixed across all levels: from level 1, dragoturkeys will have a maximum of energy equivalent to that of a level 100 dragoturkey prior to the 2.16 update.
  • 64 new paddocks have been added to the game: Pandala (24), Amakna (24), Frigost (8) and Koalak Mountain (8).
  • The breeding items in public paddocks have been replaced. Their efficiency level has been increased from 15 to 30.
  • Breeding items left inside a paddock are transferred to the bank of the previous owner upon the sale of the paddock.
  • It is no longer possible to keep the paddock interface open upon the sale of said paddock (this allowed for mounts of a previous owner to be put into the new owner’s paddock).


  • It is now possible to use an item whose appearance has been modified by a mimisymbic as the appearance for a new mimisymbic association (the level and equipment criteria are now correctly tested on the item that will serve to provide the appearance and no longer on the item whose appearance has been modified).

  • The end of subscription date for the currently logged account is added to the game’s main menu (accessible via the Esc - “Esc” - key).
  • It is now possible to directly change characters or server from the game’s main menu, without the need to go through the traditional interfaces of character or selection.
  • A new interface option allows for a prefix to be displayed at the start of an informative messages (green), as well as for error or important messages (red), in the chat interface. This option makes it easier to distinguish certain channels for those who have difficulty in differentiating colours.
  • In the inventories, non-exchangeable items (temporarily or permanent) are now displayed with a different coloured background than that of exchangeable items.
  • It is now possible to zoom out of combat by using the mouse wheel. This option can be deactivated via an option.
  • The interface dedicated to zooming has been removed as it became redundant now that one may use the mouse wheel as well as the contextual menu to zoom in on a character or portion of the screen.
  • In the chat interface, commas are now used in the majority of informative messages (red or green messages), e.g., messages notifying that items have sold.
  • When the option to display all monsters of a group is activated, right clicking on any monster will open the bestiary interface.
  • In merchant mode as well as markets, the tooltip displayed whilst mousing over the search field displays properly.
  • After a change to a given chat channel colour, messages destined for that specific channel that are in the process of being written will change colour correctly.
  • The tooltip shown while mousing over the optional pod gauge on the central medallion is now displayed correctly when the inventory is full.
  • The explanatory tooltips have been added to the performance options’ interface.
  • The NPC dialogue interface manages long dialogs properly, as it no longer appears below the text area, and a scroll bar has been added for when the text to be displayed is too long.
  • Scrolling via the mouse wheel works properly for the shortcuts tabs, by placing the cursor over the respective area, which allows for the shortcut tab displayed to be changed.
  • In input fields, when a number is selected before the automatic formatting is applied (for example, the separation of thousands), the selection is now properly preserved.
  • In inventories, an interactive cursor is now displayed when mousing over the amount of Kamas owned, signifying that an interaction is possible.
  • During an exchange, it is no longer possible to move an object within the same inventory (which resulted in the cancellation of the exchange).
  • In the chat interface, character information is now more detailed if the character is offline.
  • NPCs with no dialog no longer display tooltips suggesting that they have dialog when moused over.
  • In the bestiary, the main area of monsters doesn’t necessarily correspond to the area in which these monsters can be found in large quantities, as other criteria are considered (for example, accessibility to the area).
  • On item descriptions, a symbol has been added to more easily distinguish items whose appearance is modified by a Mimisymbic.
  • Item shortcuts in the shortcuts tab can be moved properly outside of combat when the inventory is closed.
  • On spell descriptions, the display of the probability of triggering certain effects has been improved (hidden effects are properly taken into account for the probability of triggering calculation).
  • Smilies and custom sets now have a tooltip when placed in the shortcut tab.
  • Tooltips for emote shortcuts present in the shortcut tab include the shortcut key and not the command for the chat interface.
  • Inactive characters in the character selection carousel no longer have transparency issues with their island.
  • On the world map, the level of zoom displayed is correctly updated when the mouse wheel is used.
  • On the world map, transportation methods are now displayed under a specific category.
  • Icons have been added to the world map to indicate the location of Astrub’s and Incarnam’s militia as well as the Guard of the Day Without End.
  • Items sold in NPC markets are sorted in ascending order of price, but in the event of identical pricing, they are grouped by category.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • The AI is now better at managing Rogues' illusions and tries to find the Rogue by directly targeting its illusions.


  • It is now possible to teleport a group to Pandala dungeons even without the associated key or a bunch of key.
  • Sakai Abandoned mines’ dungeon boss N will now be named “The Exile“


  • This spell cannot be cast during the first turn of a fight.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.


  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Iops on a team.
  • This spell cannot be cast during the first turn of a fight.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.


Spiritual Leash:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Summoning of Gobball:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Summoning of Prespic:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Summoning of Boar:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Summoning of Bwork Mage:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Summoning of Crackler:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Summoning of Red Wyrmling:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Summoning of Tofu:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Osamodas on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.


  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Srams on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.
Inivisibility of Others:
  • The cooldown for this spell is now shared between all Srams on a team.
  • Spell points for this spell will be returned.

Heroic Server:

  • Members of the alliance that has control over the territory can now be attacked by members of other alliances in these territories.
  • Dead characters that are being re-played aren’t displayed as gravestones anymore in the interface when creature mode is activated.
  • Achievements are now removed once the character is dead. Titles and ornaments linked to the achievement are removed as well. This modification allows characters to progress more rapidly by unlocking those achievements again after their death.
  • 25% of the owned objects are definitely destroyed at the death of a character (instead of 50%).


  • Perceptors don’t collect any more resources once a character opened the “collecting” window.


  • Almanax bonuses linked to mounts and pets along with the experience bonus for mounts are no longer available in the arena.
  • Stars on a group of monster don't appear faster if the attacking group quits the fight while there is a bonus on the spawning speed of stars ( Almanax bonus for example ).
  • Dragoturkeys experience bonus is fixed ( it was wrongly calculated and too important ).


  • In Bonta and Brakmar City, there will now be three groups of monsters per map instead of one.

Items and Equipment:

  • In the interfaces displaying the theorical effects of an item ( associated recipes for example ), all items’ effects ( including consumables ) are now being displayed.
  • It is no longer possible to temporarily exceed a limitation of the number of MP ( equipment condition for example ) by using a +MP mount.
  • The level of some resources are modified to better suit the level of the monster on which they can be dropped.
  • The levels of Magic Bamboo Wood and Magic Bamboo Plank are modified.

Quick Equips:

  • The pets associated with custom sets stay correctly associated with each custom set when the character owns multiple identical pets in his inventory and nourish them.


  • It is no longer possible to feed Eniripsa Powder to a pet that is at full hp.


  • The profession gauge is now being correctly updated when a series of crafts are being executed.
  • In the list of Craftsmen interface, it is now possible to sort by columns.
  • Characters can no longer use “positioning my character” while gathering resources.
  • The minimum number of ingredients in the craftsman list is now of 1 ( instead of 0 ).

Maps and Zones:

  • New interior maps have been added in the houses and buildings of Amakna and Astrub.
  • The territory “ Sufokia “ has been renamed “ Sufokia Bay “. Sufokia City keeps the same name. The territory “ Sufokian Gulf Shoreline “ is now named “ Sufokian Shoreline.“


  • It is now possible to associate a shortcut for the emotes interface’s opening.
  • For Mac users, the shortcut “cmd+tab” no longer opens the guild interface.
  • Shortcuts associated with “Next quick shortcut tab” and “Previous quick shortcut tab” will now be correctly saved after a reconnection.

Sound and Music:

  • When the sound of the client is disabled, that of cinematics is disabled as well.
  • The sound against some monsters would disappear after the 15th turn of combat, this problem is fixed.
  • The sounds of equipped objects are no longer played while the client is loading.


  • Emotes that are not available ( for example, when riding a mount ) are now correctly greyed out.
  • Characters can correctly position themselves in all directions if they used the emote “sit” during a session.


  • A small avatar of the character is now being displayed with the alerts associated with private messages and when they log.

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Community Manager Nileza Separator
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posté October 22, 2013, 11:10:17 | #2
Enormous thanks to our volunteer translator assistants. Without them, this changelog would not be available today! Thank you! <3

Community Manager Nileza Separator
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posté October 29, 2013, 10:33:09 | #3
Here is a list of changes added to the game on October 29, 2013:


  • In the Alliances interface, Perceptor fights now vanish from the interface properly when the fight begins.
  • Emotes are no longer blocked while in creature mode.
  • Secondary inventory sorting filters now work properly again.
  • Items that drop after a fight no longer display multiple "ghost" copies in the end-of-fight interface.


  • In the quest Apprenticeship: Silent Spy, the Cherry Manger requested by the NPC Fidji Merline has been changed to an Ash Manger
  • The quest Zaap Away!, Poster Nhin gives a new Zaap Hammer to adventurers who have lost theirs.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Fixed a problem that caused timeline exceptions, particularly in combat with glyphs.
  • Monsters that cannot act during their turn will now pass their turn instead of allowing their time to run out.

To install this update, please restart your client and Uplauncher.