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Information and announcements Posts/Topics Replies   Last post
Log Book
Everything you need to know about ongoing modifications and evolutions to the game.
556 404 Go to the most recent post August 23, 2016, 10:04:06
On : Modifications to the ISK syste…
By : [Izmar]
Server Status
Everything you need to know about server status, maintenance hours, and the potential problems the game might encounter.
385 93 Go to the most recent post July 05, 2016, 16:48:48
On : Exceptional database maintenan…
By : [Nerodos]
Dofus: The Game Posts/Topics Replies   Last post
Welcome to the Incarnam Inn
This is a forum for new adventurers just beginning their DOFUS story.
Please introduce yourself and don't be shy! You can ask our experienced players for advice and information about the game.
177 4094 Go to the most recent post Yesterday - 13:21:34
On : Warms my heart to look at this…
By : Paxifix
General Discussion
Use this forum to discuss General topics about DOFUS.
Please post technical problems in Problems and Solutions. Thanks!
24398 204666 Go to the most recent post Today - 02:17:16
On : KastOut Breeders - Initial Sym…
By : Gunnerwolfang
Problems and solutions
This section is where players help other players troubleshoot.
Please use to report bugs or seek account help.
19555 73259 Go to the most recent post Today - 02:12:26
On : [-50,-45] Bug or Secret?
By : Liquid-Flame
Discuss issues and news for your server. Buy and sell items, advertise a guild, connect with other players, or recruit for dungeon runs and hunting parties!
Sub-forums : Rushu , Markets of Rushu , Rosal , Markets of Rosal , Shika , Markets of Shika , Solar , Markets of Solar , Zatoïshwan , Markets of Zatoïshwan , Nomarow / Нигруст , Markets of Nomarow / Магазины Нигруста , Dark Vlad , Markets of Dark Vlad
9004 42186 Go to the most recent post Yesterday - 21:37:27
On : Астрологические объявление и п…
By : msRed-Blue
Learn tips and tricks, share your knowledge, learn how to play the market.
3808 16388 Go to the most recent post August 17, 2016, 19:30:43
On : Aermyne Farmers Union (not ope…
By : LouCypher
Forums dedicated to the classes of DOFUS. Share advice for equipment, and offer ideas for builds or spells. 
Sub-forums : General Class Discussion , Ecaflip , Sadida , Eniripsa , Osamodas , Iop , Enutrof , Cra , Sram , Feca , Xelor , Sacrier , Pandawa , Masqueraider , Rogue , Foggernaut , Eliotrope , Huppermage
19322 116405 Go to the most recent post Yesterday - 21:39:20
On : Alright boys and girls. New cr…
By : ownage-pwnagetwo
Evolution and Input Posts/Topics Replies   Last post
Dofus Lab
In this forum, the Dofus Team shares experimental ideas for the future of the game. Warning, some of these demos may never see production, please wear all appropriate safety gear to protect your expectations.
4 64 Go to the most recent post Today - 01:31:36
On : DOFUS Interfaces overhaul
By : pupular
Suggestion Box
Do you have a suggestion for how Dofus can improve, or a remark you'd like to make about a game feature? The Suggestion Box is accepting your thoughts!
13296 121131 Go to the most recent post Today - 01:06:38
On : Prism sabotage
By : Gunnerwolfang
Zenith Discussions
On this forum, the members of the Zenith discuss game issues with the entire community. Only Zenith members can begin topics, but everyone can contribute.
71 5802 Go to the most recent post July 30, 2016, 21:00:40
On : Cra Balancing
By : n0ak
Technical Discussions Posts/Topics Replies   Last post
Subscription and payment
Info, tips, process, ideas... players help other players with the subscription process in this section.
If you encounter problems while trying to subscribe, please contact!
3165 8220 Go to the most recent post August 26, 2016, 22:30:38
On : paid 20$ but didn't get anythi…
By : [Nerodos]
Typos and spelling mistakes
Report any typos or spelling mistakes you find in-game here.
2339 3348 Go to the most recent post August 24, 2016, 17:11:19
On : Bonta Alignment Quest #81
By : Nerd-Tease
Test Server
Discuss game modifications that are currently being tested.
1903 16756 Go to the most recent post Yesterday - 18:16:09
On : my chars
By : Qwiles
Find out everything there is to know about Ogrines. This section is linked directly to comments on the official Ogrines Blog. 
693 2860 Go to the most recent post August 08, 2016, 17:02:13
On : Ogrine purchase fail
By : LouCypher
Roleplay and Player Creations Posts/Topics Replies   Last post
Fan Art and Videos
This forum is devoted to the creations of you, the players! Pictures, videos, music, animations, stories, all of these creations have a place here as long as it's linked to DOFUS!
414 5121 Go to the most recent post August 24, 2016, 19:45:03
On : Back to Streaming
By : iemant
Spitting Bwork Tavern
This forum is for role-players only. Here you can write your history, describe your adventures and develop your in-game personality, or interact with other players to create DOFUS stories together.
Please use the language of the World of Twelve.
599 45605 Go to the most recent post August 09, 2016, 05:15:19
On : Sitting by the Fire
By : daxty1999
Eventmasters' Pinboard
This section is for promoting and discussing events run by our Volunteer Eventmasters (also known as GMs).
Only Eventmasters can start new threads.
311 1911 Go to the most recent post June 10, 2016, 13:34:40
On : Running Dofus Tournaments: The…
By : highwayevil
Off-Topic posts that are of interest to the Dofus Community.
Notice! This forum will not advance your post count!
Sub-forums : Off Topic Discussion , Forum Games and Off-Topic Roleplay
514 12577 Go to the most recent post August 18, 2016, 23:08:45
On : You know you're addicted to do…
By : bohemia
Dofus & Co Posts/Topics Replies   Last post
You can arrange to meet other players or the Ankama team (outside the game world) and talk about conventions, tournaments, or any other Dofus events in real life.
267 1710 Go to the most recent post June 07, 2016, 07:52:00
On : Hungarian recruitment / Magyar…
By : Libranap
Derivative Products
You can give your opinion about mangas, artbooks, figurines, and other derivative products of the Dofus Universe.
246 1353 Go to the most recent post July 18, 2016, 23:33:07
On : The DOFUS movie: the official …
By : madhatterchesire
Dofus: Battles
40 142 Go to the most recent post October 12, 2014, 14:18:25
On : Can't log in to my Dofus accou…
By : monsterblood3